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As the years go by I find it interesting how technology has changed, which in the Internet world requires us to match those changes to keep up. This site is not excluded from those required changes, and so I want to bring those that come here up to speed on our most resent changes. First, we had a “Christian Article” section of our site that was moved to our new Magazine section, which can be accessed through the new menu bar located at the top of our side panel as well as at the bottom of all our pages. This will take you to the Magazine Front Page which will guide you through its features.

Next we had a Christian-Book-Promotions section that was moved to our newly created sub-domain called “RCETC Christian Book Promotions” and is were we promote Christian self-published authors and allow them to participate in promoting their work. Personally I think the site development turned out very nicely and you should stop by to see what’s available for purchase as well as participation as an author. You can find its link on the bottom of all are pages.

Other changes that were made are a redesigned top page header, a new Christian News service on our front page side panel and an added Unique Visitors counter located at the bottom of our side panel.

In the end, I hope most of these changes are for the better and if you have any comment on these changes or other things you want to bring up free free to express it here. Thanks for stopping by!


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