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graduation imageReference Christian Eternal Theological Concepts (RCETC) is a private entity, which provides this Internet site for public information purposes. The site’s owner is Reid Ashbaucher who was born in the United States and holds a B. A. degree in Comprehensive Bible from Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio; an M.A. degree in Christian Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana; and has completed some postgraduate work towards a Ph.D. in Religious Studies endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England. Reid’s occupation for the past 35 years has been associated with the communications industry while working as an Electronic Technician and Radio Broadcast Engineer. Reid is semi-retied and is an independent non-denominational Chaplain serving with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International.

bible cross imageRCETC’s MISSION is to promote the reality of God’s words as recorded in the Holy Scriptures and demonstrated through the salvation of mankind, the creation of all things and the holy living of God’s people. RCETC.com exist to carry out this mission by providing Christian content through web resources for the edification of the body of Christ, worldwide, and to bring God’s truth to the world at an uncertain time in its history.

books imageReid has written three books. The first is called, Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World (First Edition, April, 2011 – Revised Edition, October, 2016 – Second Revised Edition, July, 2017), and was written in the area of Theology/Metaphysics for the Christian church worldwide as it relates to the nature of God and Mankind. The second book is called, The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide To Understanding Its Inter-Workings (First Edition, March, 2015 – Second Edition, June, 2017), and was written for new believers or those seeking to know more about the Christian faith in general. The third book is called, How To Understand And Live Your Faith (May, 2017), and was written to the “body of Christ” worldwide, for the purpose of cutting through all the disinformation and noise within the Christian community, providing a filter to help cut through all the noise. For more information click here.

Theology is the study of God and Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the questions of reality and the fundamental question of the nature of things, to include ontology, cosmology, and epistemology.

If you wish to correspond, just click on the “Contact Us” link above under “Our Information” and address your correspondence to Reid. We trust what you find on this site is helpful and thought provoking.



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