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January 26, 2023

The past year of 2022 marked a milestone for us, as we logged our one millionth visitor to our website. We have had to change and update our website counter over the years, so our logs reflecting the one million mark, only started about four years ago. Our web domain has existed since 2004 and we could not tell you how many visitors we have had over the years.

Media Sites

Not much has changed this past year concerning social media sites. Most are still censoring free speech, setting rules to what is acceptable to them and trying to redefining the free world’s understanding of constitutional protected free speech. Mostly because they are now controlled by those that are firm believers in communism. A social and political system that enslaves the people under its control and dictates how you and I should live our lives. Rules to live by is not a bad thing, but tyranny over the governed population is just immoral. We see that twitter is trying to make a comeback, but frankly, many social media sites offer nothing in terms of value.

We recommend supporting the organizations that bring value to your life, like your church or other Christian ministries, news media outlets like The Epoch Times or Newsmax, and there are others.

Over all, there is nothing new to report for this past year, other than we are one more day closer to the return of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

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