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Use the “Magazine Menu Bar” at the top of the left side panel to manage your Magazine browsing.


RCETC-Magazine is a single continues running magazine, with articles added from time to time, consisting of Christian reprint articles written by Christian authors, as posted on FaithWriters.com. All © copyrights to republish these articles have been granted by the original authors. We hope you enjoy our selection!


Click the category links on the “Magazine Menu Bar” located at the top of the left side panel, which will take you to ALL the articles posted in that category. Then click on the “TITLE”  or “CONTINUE TO READ” link of the article you want to read, this will take you to the article’s original post page where you can read, and post comments on that article, if you so choose. The same is true if you use the menu bar at the top of the page under “RCETC Magazine.” (Logging in to “DISQUS” is required to post comments and can be done through your: Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Posts with links are moderated.)

You can also click on a subject word in the “Magazine Article Tags” box listed in the left panel, which will take you to all the articles listed under those tag terms. Then click on the article’s “TITLE”  or “CONTINUE TO READ” link to go to the article’s original post page.

On the top left side bar there is a listing called, “Magazine Issue Index.” Any magazines listed under that heading contains all the articles and pages associated with that magazine listed, displayed one page at a time in sequential order.


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