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The philosophy behind the development of this domain has always been to be promotional, informative and user friendly for its visitors. Within the last few years this site was converted to a WordPress format, which has allowed the site to take advantage of many new innovations to internet promotion and new ways to communicate to its visitors. In our last post we explained the new changes that came to our site and we would like to continue with some additional updates since our last posting.

RCETC has just added a new feature called “RCETC Lexicon.” This feature will allow us to provide explanations or define words used on this site that may not be familiar to some of our visitors. We understand that our visitors come to us from all over the world and from many different cultures and educational backgrounds. Therefore, our Lexicon will help provide additional information about any given term or word we use on this site, that is listed in our Lexicon, and by simply moving your cursor over a Lexicon linked word, a window will pop up with some additional information about that word. This feature will also allow you to click on the linked word, which will take you to the Lexicon page the word is posted on. From there, we have provided a link to take you back to your last clicked location. If you find words on this site you would like considered to be added to our Lexicon, please contact us and let us know. We hope you like the new addition.

Another major addition to our site is the “Google Translate” tool we have embedded into our site. This feature will allow our visitors to choose a language on the tool’s menu bar, which will cause the entire website to be translated to the language selected. An exception to this is, the pages built around PDF file articles will not be translated due to technical issues between our features. The languages we have selected on the language menu bar, is based on the amount of visits we get from the different countries. Although we cannot promise that the translations will be accurate to the original intent and meaning of our site, we are hopeful that this feature will benefit our visitors.

Lastly, we would like to point you to three “Home Page” links that may benefit some, and are important new features to our website. They are: “Addiction Help Line” link, “Suicide Support” link and “Prayer Available Daily” link. You can find them all on the right side panel that appears on our Home page, along with other pages of our site.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope what you find on this site is helpful and benefits your everyday life.

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