Website Changes for 2020

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Not much to report other than a major change to our comment system and the offering of Advertising space.

We have discontinued our comment system with “Disqus” and installed an improved version of the  WordPress system called “wpDiscuz.” wpDiscuz comes with many features that we have turned off, because of the nature of our website. We are only seeking a simple way for our visitors to make a comment on articles they read, not support a full blog posting site, as it is very much capable of doing. We have set the system up so anyone can leave a comment without the hassles of logging in to our website, and we have provided a way for you to login using your Facebook account. The system allows you a 15-minute window for any edits you want to make to your post. And we want you to know we monitor all posts for approval before we post them to the site. We do this to keep the comments on topic and to prevent spamming for business or the promotion of products. Overall, we believe the system is much easier to use and we hope you will use it.

RCETC has dropped all advertisers and now provide our own version of promotion. Experiencing over 184,000-page views last year, we decided to make some changes. As you will see all around our site, we display Ad promotional images. If you have an interest in advertising on our site, just click on any of these Ads, which will take you to our advertising page, explaining how it all works. The nice thing about our Ad system is, the images load faster because they are all on-site. This also allows our ads to be secure within our SSL technology, keeping our site 100% SSL secure. Also, Ad or pop-up blocking technology will not block our Ads, allowing Ads to be seen. Our Ads also provide unlimited impressions and click-throughs, directing the visitor to where the advertiser wants them to be. Another nice feature to our Ad system, it does not track our visitors off-site, and we do not sell the metadata to other companies. The system keeps track of the impression count and how many clicks the ad has received, along with geo-metadata, but it does not use cookies for the purpose of collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from our visitors, while at the same time it allows our visitors to check out advertising products or services. We like the concept and we hope you will too.

Overall, 2019 has been a busy year but few changes required for our 2020 visitors. Thanks for stopping by!

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