Spotlights and Website Updates for 2021

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Well, another year has come and gone and the Internet world has not disappointed us in its unpredictable habits. Here are some highlights we would like to share about our website updates for this coming year.

Social Media

In recent days, the social media network of companies has become unstable in their policy toward their customer base. To protect our visitors from this unstable environment, we have decided to no longer attempt to build our website platforms utilizing the following companies. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As the social media landscape develops over the next several months, we will evaluate the various media outlets and choose those that we believe will serve our visitors over the long term. As we make our choices, these choices will be reflected in the social sharing tools on our websites. Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate these uncertain times.

Website Features

We would like to bring your attention to our Store Resource page. At the top of the page is our world missions outreach program where we offer a link to over 650 FREE Christian eBooks for download and use. We also provide a link to a PDF copy of the King James Bible that can be downloaded, copied, printed, and shared with anyone for FREE. It is promoted to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. We shared this with a pastor overseas, to which he was excited to have access. He said he would print it for use by his small congregation, who could not afford or had access to such things.

Below our world mission banner, we offer a bookstore powered by Aerio an Ingram Brand. Aerio has stepped up its game this past year by improving its bookstore in multiple ways. Aerio is an independent retail network focused on native marketing and commerce services in the U.S. and Canada, and it would appear from their website that they are now shipping to the United Kingdom. Through Aerio we can operate our own bookstore and offer the books we want to promote, and the system allows us to set competitive pricing. All sales and returns are handled by Aerio. Their operational information can be accessed through the link provided at the bottom of all the book sales pages.

RCETC Magazine

Last year we added a new magazine category called The Pastor’s Corner. This category features author and retired pastor Jay Ashbaucher. Originally from Ohio, Jay R. Ashbaucher earned an undergraduate degree in education and a master of divinity degree before serving forty-four years in Montana as a pastor and Bible teacher. He served twenty years as a fifth step counselor and lecturer in an alcohol and drug treatment center where he listened to countless stories of people’s broken lives and struggles to achieve wholeness. From them, he learned much about people and himself, which has helped in counseling individuals from all walks of life. He has enjoyed conducting grief classes, small groups, and teaching Philosophy of Christianity at a one-year wilderness Bible college. Now retired and living in Michigan, Jay continues his Bible teaching as an author, and together with his wife of fifty years, is enjoying life with family and grand-kids.

Jay has been writing articles for us since September 2019, and we look forward to reading about his insights this coming year. Jay’s author website can be found at

Finally, we want to thank our visitors for stopping by, and as always, we will continue working toward better SEO practices for better Internet presents. Stay safe out there!


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