2022 Website Update Changes

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Our website changes, that took place over 2021, were minimal. They consisted of a picture header and color scheme change of the site. The physical layout of our site has stayed the same.

Due to cultural changes of the nations as a result of the spread of CRT and its Marxist views throughout the World’s public-school systems, we believe our message is more valid than ever, a message of hope that Jesus Christ, as God the Son, is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which will be finally recognized during the day of the Lord. We believe that day will come sooner than many think.

Social Media

Conservative news stories reflect Twitter is now fully controlled by those that spread the message of an anti-America theme, the America that was founded by its founding fathers, the original signers of the Constitution of the United States; that Twitter is in its declining days with a message of censorship of those that promote ideas of Christianity and U.S. constitutional values. The sad part of this story is that many have not yet recognized the censoring of the conservative, Christian, or constitutionalist citizens of the U.S. or of the World. But many have, as they turn to Gab.com by the tens of thousands, seeking freedom of speech and religion. News reports reflect that Facebook and YouTube seem to be moving in a similar direction to Twitter.

Therefore, we have decided, for now, to embrace Gab.com, MeWe.com, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.com for our social media outlets. Freedom of Speech seems to exist there for now, so we encourage anyone that values free speech and religion, afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States, to join us.


In 2022, this website will continue to promote Jesus Christ as God and the savior of the World and stay true to its stated purposes as found on its “About Us” page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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