Whats New In 2019

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Thanks for stopping by to check on what is new in 2019 for this website.

To start, a brief update on our security measures. We are now 100% secure on all pages with our SSL functionality. We had to drop our “Trivia Bible Quiz” feature due to it being a third party unsecure website. We waited two years for all to catch up to the times, but there were a few holdouts and unfortunately we had to drop them. We now only use a third party content that provides some form of security through SSL technology. Now that there are free versions available, there is no reason for others not to participate in this type of secure technology.

As to some changes to our site, our biggest is the change in our “Store Resources” feature. We now promote and sell all our books through “Aerio” which is a Book Sales Platform powered by Ingram Content Group. All sales are secured through their network security system and also allows us to discount all our books just like any other book store can. We are very happy with this change and hope you will find it much more convenient in using it.

Other changes we made are: we added video content to our Christian Museums and Places to Visit web page; we rearranged our main menu bar at the top of all our pages; we changed Thursday’s featured quiz to How Knowledgeable Are You in Social Media?” You will find this particular quiz on Thursdays, on our “Question and Answer page.” We think you will find it very interesting to learn the answers. We replaced the visual system that shows our visitors the total number count of our visitors. Unfortunately this reset the counts and now we are only displaying individual page counts dating from the middle of last year. But at least it will give you an idea of which pages are visited the most and will grow in number as time progresses. If all page counts were added together, it would reflect close to 300,000 total page views since we started this new feature last year.

We have changed up some of our advertisers and added a “Advertise With US” page, providing you all the information you need if you would like your ads to feature on our website. We look forward to hearing from some of you on this issue. We also changed our main logo design at the top of our header, by creating the text design as an image verses just text within our Word Press program.

And finally we made some changes to the use of PDF files on this site by removing all of them, and replacing them with a new formatted page representing the same content, as found under the menu bar heading of “Essay Index.”

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