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By Jay Ashbaucher

It is clear from a serious study of nature that we are the products of a Creator (Romans 1:19-20). That Creator is a personal being like us, with a moral nature of love, goodness, and a capacity for relationships. That means our Creator knows us and we can know our Creator. Of course, our Creator has infinitely more power and wisdom than we do, and possesses a life that is eternal. Furthermore, when we compare ourselves with the Creator, we find a vast difference – the Creator has no evil in his being and we do. Evil, therefore, does not come from him, but from a source that has corrupted us. This means we are not reaching the potential for which we were created, but in fact are less than what we were designed to be. We were made for so much more.

We have desires, dreams, and potentials that are not being met as our Creator intended. We know this because we desire a better world and it is not happening. We were not made for divisions and anger, for wars and shootings, for greediness and lack of contentment, for fears and depression, for broken relationships and heartache, for sickness and disease, for sadness and death. We can envision within us a world of peace and harmony, relationships of kindness and love. We can envision healthy bodies, minds, and spirits, and potential to be creative with personal talents that produce good things for the benefit of others. We can envision a life of meaningful, satisfying activity and freedom from evil. We can even have feelings that there is life after death. But, alas, woe is us, for we cannot make lasting happiness happen, we fail to reach the so much more that we were designed to achieve.

It is true; we try hard to make things better and sometimes it works, at least for a while. Actually, many great things are done in this life by individuals and groups. We have reached amazing achievements in various art forms, including painting, sculpting, poetry, writing, music, plays and movies. Amazing achievements have been done through scientific discoveries, and in the fields of healthcare, travel, communication technology, and athletics. We organize efforts to help the poor and the victims of natural disasters. Not all is doom and gloom, but still, we are not able to put together a peaceful and evil free world. Sadly, our efforts often fail at making our lives and world work out as we want, and even if we feel what we are doing is succeeding, there is no guarantee we have left the world a better place. The generation after us may ruin all we have done, and any good we have accomplished may at some point be discontinued.

Many think this world is a lost cause and all we can do is suffer through it, hoping that when we die, we will go to some place where life is better. Fortunately, we do not have to be anxious, fearful, and dejected about the state of our life and world. We don’t have to give in to feelings of being hurt, angry, broken, guilty, ashamed, lonely, discouraged, or without hope. The Creator cares about us and takes the necessary steps to restore us. Connecting with the Creator enables us to reach our individual potential in every area of life, both now and in the age to come. The Creator has set in motion a plan to redeem the earth and its inhabitants. To redeem it means to do what is necessary to get back what was lost to evil influences and corruption. The word of the Creator is that all of creation is waiting to be set free from its slavery to corruption, and even we ourselves are waiting eagerly for adoption as children of the Creator, the redemption of our body (Romans 8:18-23).

We were made for so much more and that so much more has begun here and now, with the completion of it coming on the horizon of a future day. The Creator has promised to make all things new and that new life has begun (Revelation 21:5). We were made for so much more, and many are now experiencing this new life within themselves through faith in a person who possesses the exact nature of the Creator, and who was sent to earth to make all the things we were made for possible (2 Corinthians 5:17). The best evidence of the existence of this Creator and of the new life promised us is to hear from those who are getting to know their Creator and seeing the change in them.

Here is my recommendation to you. I have heard testimonies from many people telling how a relationship with the Creator has changed their lives, having enabled them to experience so much more than what they had. One day, I thought to myself, “The internet seems to have information about anything you want to know. I wondered, are there people on the internet who are telling about their life-changing experiences with the Creator”. So, I typed into my computer these words, Christian testimonies on YouTube. To my amazement there were many. I began to watch and listen to some of them. You want to begin a new life and begin to receive all you were made for that is good? Try listening to what others have found. They are simply doing what the Creator, long ago, told one person to do (Mark 5:18-20).

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