Book Review: “Meet the Skeptic”

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by Robert Driskell

“Meet the Skeptic” is a book written by Bill Foster, published by Master Books, aimed at helping Christians better know the unbeliever and be better equipped to engage them in dialogue and discussion. The book is well written, informative, and never exhibits a condescending attitude toward those who do not believe as the author believes.

Right off the bat, Mr. Foster gives us some wise and practical advice. He tells us that it will not get us very far, when discussing with a skeptic, if we merely attempt to answer every question the skeptic throws at us. The skeptic will merely ask another question, and our time will be spent running for answers. Rather, we should recognize and engage the worldview held by the skeptic (p. 8). This gets to the root of the problem and avoids spending large amounts of time on peripheral issues.

The second bit of wisdom Mr. Foster gives us is to remind us that it is not our job to convert or convince the skeptic; rather we are to communicate truth and rely on the Holy Spirit to work on the skeptic’s heart (p.13). Too often, the Christian thinks it is up to him or her to achieve the desired outcome of every encounter with a skeptic. It is not.

The book goes on to say that we must use words that, if we use theological terms, we may need to explain them. Words that we know the meaning of may be foreign to the skeptic. In that case, our argument or evidence will be useless.

The book’s main portion focuses on four types of skeptics: the Spiritual skeptic, the Scientific skeptic, the Moral skeptic, and the Biblical skeptic. The author explains the root idea behind each skeptic’s worldview and guides the Christian in ways to engage each respective skeptic. Defining the meaning of words used in a discussion is a critical aspect of any debate. If the words I use have a different meaning to you, it will be very difficult for us to have a meaningful conversation.

Overall, this book is very helpful for the witnessing Christian. In a world where it seems a book is printed every minute or so, this one is an important addition to the printed world. I recommend it highly.

[I received this book free of charge in order to review it. I was free also to give my unbridled opinion…which I did]

Seeking to introduce people to Jesus Christ and to help them become “transformed by the renewing of their mind.”

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