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The nice thing about our Ad system is, the images load faster because they are all on-site. This also allows our Ads to be secure within our SSL technology, keeping our site 100% SSL secure. Also, Ad or pop-up blocking technology will not block our Ads, allowing Ads to be seen. Our Ads also provide unlimited impressions and click-throughs, directing the visitor to where the advertiser wants them to be. Another nice feature of our Ad system, it does not track our visitors off-site, and we do not sell the metadata to other companies. The system keeps track of the impression count and how many clicks the ad has received, along with geo-metadata, but it does not use cookies for the purpose of collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from our visitors, while at the same time it allows our visitors to check out advertising products or services. We like the concept and we hope you will too.

RCETC provides advertising space on its website and sub-domains. We promote our websites worldwide and not as a local venue. If you see your products as selling nationally or internationally, then advertising with us would make sense. We provide Ad space on the following websites:

If you have any interest in having an Ad placed on our sites, contact us. It’s that easy. We provide monthly, quarterly and annual agreements. Quarterly agreements receive a 10% discount and our annual agreements receive a 25% discount.


(Ad pricing includes unlimited impressions and click-throughs; also our Ads will display despite the presence of Adblocking technology, and our Ads load quicker and do not track our visitors off-site.)

Home Page – Top – Banner 728×90 – $20.00 monthly

Home Page – Middle – Banner 728×90 – $15.00 monthly

Home Page – Bottom – Banner 728×90 – $10.00 monthly

Right Side Panel – Top – Image 300×250 – $20.00 monthly (Home & Christian Ministry Links Page)

Right Side Panel – Middle – Image 300×250 – $15.00 monthly (Home & Christian Ministry Links Page)

Right Side Panel – Bottom – Image 300×250 – $10.00 monthly (Home & Christian Ministry Links Page)

Left Side Panel – Middle – Image 160×600 – $10.00 monthly (All RCETC Magazine, Store Resource, News and Information, and Glossary Index pages)

Footer – Center – Image 300×250 – $15.00 monthly (All pages)

Sponsor Ads – any post page; top or middle of the page – Image 468×60 – $5.00 monthly

* If you do not have an AD to place with us, we can create one for you for $75.00.

We accept Ads that fall under the following categories listed below and fit into the category of “family-friendly environments,” which includes the content and appearance of its Ads. We use STRIPE E-mail invoicing for payment using a credit/debit card or by direct electronic transfer (ACH).

Ad Categories

  • Book Media
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Ministries
  • Christian non-profits
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Online Stores
  • Professional Services

Please Note:

We do not promote our sites to children under the age of 13, therefore if your organization promotes exclusively to this age bracket, we could not accommodate any requests for such advertisements.

We always reserve the right to reject any advertisement for any reason.


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