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RCETC provides advertising pace on its website and sub-domains. We promote our websites worldwide and not as a local venue. If you see your products as selling nationally or internationally, then advertising with us would make sense. We provide Ad space on the following websites:

If you have any interest in having an Ad placed on our sites, you will need to contact any of the following marketing companies we associate with and sign up with them, then contact us and let us know whom your company is with, and that you would like to be featured on our sites. It’s that ease.

We charge no fee for placement of Ads on our sites. We accept Ads that fall under the following categories listed below, and fit into the category of “family friendly environments,” which includes the content and appearance of its Ads.

Ad Categories

  • Christian Education
  • Christian Ministries
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Box Stores
  • Book Sales
  • On-line Stores
  • Professional Services

If you find yourself interested, you can contact the following advertising organizations:

Please Note:

The panel on the right side of this page shows some of the type of advertisements that appear on this site.

In addition, we do not promote our sites to children under the age of 13, therefore if your organization promotes exclusively to this age bracket, we could not accommodate any requests for such advertisements.

As our Privacy and Term of Use Policies states, we always reserve the right to reject any advertisement for any reason.

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